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15 Diagnostic routines

Function: void jit_dump_type (FILE *stream, jit_type_t type)

Dump the name of a type to a stdio stream.

Function: void jit_dump_value (FILE *stream, jit_function_t func, jit_value_t value, const char *prefix)

Dump the name of a value to a stdio stream. If prefix is not NULL, then it indicates a type prefix to add to the value name. If prefix is NULL, then this function intuits the type prefix.

Function: void jit_dump_insn (FILE *stream, jit_function_t func, jit_value_t value)

Dump the contents of an instruction to a stdio stream.

Function: void jit_dump_function (FILE *stream, jit_function_t func, const char *name)

Dump the three-address instructions within a function to a stream. The name is attached to the output as a friendly label, but has no other significance.

If the function has not been compiled yet, then this will dump the three address instructions from the build process. Otherwise it will disassemble and dump the compiled native code.

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